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Anthropologie Home designer wallpapers - 6 of the best

Statement wallpaper at its best - below are our top picks from Anthropologie Home's latest printed wallpaper collection. We love the butterfly print wall paper, drool over the palm tree print wall paper, but our favourite HAS to be the Canopy Creatures print. HOW cute are the monkeys?

Would you create a statement wall in your home?

SbS x

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4 of the best statement earrings

We like nothing more than a statement accessory and so here's our round up of statement earrings.

From an edgy arrow, to a bold butterfly, we're also not afraid of rocking a Swarovski fish on our ears!

Which is your favourite?

SbS x

PS Stunning hair braids by Devon-based stylist Brigitte Fisher.

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Resort style fashion editorial photoshoot number two - behind the scenes!

the grand hotel torquay Devon photoshoot location

After another very early morning, I was also recently involved in a shoot with an absolute dream team at The Grand Hotel in Torquay. The images are also under wraps for the time being, but you can get a behind the scenes peek below.

The Grand Hotel was stunning - the view from the pool area felt like you could have been in LA - with a slighter colder climate of course! A beautiful large Victorian hotel, it's located right on the seafront. The staff couldn't have been more hospitable - and even fed us lunch while we were working! I'm definitely returning to try their al fresco summer dining by the poolside.

Photography: Emma Barrow
Hair: Brigitte Fisher
Make up: Emma Roberts using MAC
Model: Alice Randle from Mosaic Models
Photography Assistant: Jenny at Doble Photography

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Fashion editorial photoshoot number one - behind the scenes!

fashion editorial photoshoot Sarah Brittain Edwards Plymouth

I recently had the pleasure of working with a fantastic team in Plymouth. I also styled the shoot, and you'll see a peek of upcoming Shh pieces in the photographs!

Photography : Sarah Brittain Edwards
Hair: Jo at YOKE
Make up: Rebecca Searle using Delliah
Models: Lucy & Sophie

Photographer Sarah Brittain Edwards braved the Plymouth wind and took some stunning photos - I'll be sharing them with you as soon as they're released. I also took some studio shots with Lucy and Sophie.

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Hot pink embellished hoodie by Dakota Rae Dust - currently loving!

It's no secret that I love colourful, sparkly, things, and so when I discovered Dakota Rae Dust on Instagram I was immediately smitten.

From her Bristol studio Bec creates hand embellished wearable goods using bold vinyl prints and vintage and preloved textiles - sweaters, earrings, purses, rosettes. All with a  a heavy dose of colour (I think she shares my love of PINK!) and a smattering of sparkle.

I loved the style of her hand embellished sweaters and Bec created a custom oversized hoodie for me with her fluro pink and orange design. I love it, it's perfect for days when you want to feel comfortable but still fun and colourful. I'm already eyeing up my next hoodie!

Check out Dakota Rae Dust here and Bec's Instagram here.

Sadie x

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10 of the best festival layering necklaces

Its officially spring (though it may not feel it!) and we are definitely ready for some warmer weather. Hurry up, sunshine!

Festival season is approaching, and with Coachella 2018 around the corner, here's our pick of the best layering necklaces for a relaxed, colourfully cool style. We love layering crystals and chains with woven pieces to create an eye catching, versatile look. More is more!

Check out our picks below.

SbS x

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As worn by: Disfunkshion Magazine in Miami, Florida

Hugette Montesinos from Disfunkshion Magazine once again rocks an amazingly colourful, bohemian ensemble, including the Shh Twilight bracelets.

Her unique statement style combines colour, texture, print, pattern and artisan designers!

Check out Hugette's Instagram here.
Check out the Shh Twilight bracelets here.

SbS x

Hugette from Disfunshion magazine's colorful bohemian fashion inspiration
Disfunkshion bohemian fashion inspiration
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Salar Italian designer handbags - 8 of the best!

I've been eyeing up the latest addition to my handbag collection and have fallen in love with Salar Milano handbags. I love their shape, supple but sturdy leather, and modern designs. I've narrowed it down to my faves below, and my first pick for my upcoming birthday present and will share it with you on Instagram very soon!

Check out Salar here.

Sadie x

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Posted on February 21, 2018 and filed under style.

As worn by: @journeyofastylist

I've long admired Greet's stunning, colourful style, and so am thrilled to see her once again rock a Shh by Sadie piece! Here she mixes pink, mustard and BANANA PRINT! A-mazing. 

Greet is a female entrepreneur, fashion stylist and fashion blogger - she creates wonderful looks and encourages her followers to be more adventurous with their style.

Check out @journeyofastylist here and Greet's online clothing store here.

Sadie x

PS - you can see the Bananas bracelet here :-)

@journeyofastylist wearing Shh by Sadie pink Bananas bracelet

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As worn by: YOU! Your #shhbysadie style round up

From England, America, Germany, New Zealand and, of course, Wales! Thank you for sharing your #shhbysadie style this month!

Tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook - we LOVE to see how you wear your Shh!

SbS xx

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Posted on January 26, 2018 and filed under style, as worn by.

As worn by: Disfunkshion Magazine in Miami, Florida

How HOT does our jewellery look in this snap from Miami-based Disfunkshion Magazine?! OMG!

Hugette wears our coral Sign II bracelet, turquoise Bananas cuff and pink Rio bracelet

Take us to the beach IMMEDIATELY!

SbS x

shh by sadie beach jewellery disfunkshion magazine Miami

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Posted on January 18, 2018 and filed under style, as worn by, press.

New! Shh by Sadie Tribe Leather Fringe Bags

Make way for our colourful leather fringe bags! Now you can make a statement with your bag as well as your jewellery!

Bright, beautiful embroidered bags with genuine leather fringe detail. The bags have a detachable, adjustable length strap so that they can be worn as a cross body or shoulder bag, and also as a clutch!

We have worked with fair trade artisans in Thailand to bring you these ethically made, perfectly hand-crafted bags.

Check them out below - which is your favourite colour?

SbS x

Shh by sadie tribal print leather fringe embroidered bags

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Posted on January 10, 2018 and filed under style, behind the scenes, collections.

#TBT - chains galore for Shh's Treasure Huntress collection

Channeling edgy winter vibes with a #TBT this week to our Treasure Huntress collection. Sadie layered vintage, salvaged and new chains, charms and trinkets. We stacked 'em high for our edgy shoot with the gorgeous Anneke!

The shoot took place in Wellington, New Zealand. 
Styled by Sopheak Seng.
Photographer Rose Burrowes.
Hair and makeup Kelly Manu.
Model Anneke Hoek.

See more Treasure Huntress photos here.

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Posted on November 30, 2017 and filed under style.

As worn by: Angela Brasington

Angela Brasington Shh by Sadie

Check out Angela Brasington, designer and founder of Anjé clothing, businesswoman and NYC-based influencer rocking our Acapulco necklace...!

She also wears it in her video explaining Anjé's participation in the new virtuous model called The Virtueconomy - see it here.

Follow Angela's Instagram here.
Shop Acapulco here.

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Posted on November 22, 2017 and filed under as worn by, style, press.

New necklace - Skinny-licious Miami Nights!

More jewellery maths here (did you see the Acapulco short necklace?)...

This time I combined the styles of Miami Nights and Twilight Long necklaces and made the Miami Nights Skinny!

Both the original necklaces are popular and versatile, and I thought that a skinny version of Miami Nights would be an easy to wear, light and layerable piece, that like all Shh pieces, can transition from day to night.

See the results below! 

Shh by sadie statement necklaceMiami Maths.jpg

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Posted on November 19, 2017 and filed under style, collections, behind the scenes.

Custom order: short Acapulco necklace

I'm always happy to tailor my Shh designs to suit a customer's needs - and in this case the result was beautiful! The customer wanted the Acapulco pattern in the style of a short Miami Nights necklace. See how it turned out below...!

What do you think? What two necklaces would you combine?

Sadie x

PS. If you have a piece of jewellery that you'd like to design, redesign, or fix, you can get in touch here.

Shh by sadie bespoke jewellery

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Posted on November 16, 2017 and filed under style, custom orders, behind the scenes.

Travel diary - take me back to Cascais, Portugal!

With weather getting colder and colder the closer we get to Christmas, I'm fondly reliving the week of gorgeous sunshine I experienced in Cascais!

My sister is a teacher in Portugal and has tried and tested many of the restaurants, cafes, bars and beaches, and so I was in expert hands!

This was my first trip to Portugal and I already can't wait to return. The buildings, the people, the food, the WEATHER - everything was amazing. I can't believe I haven't visited sooner. I'm a longtime vegetarian and Cascais was one of the most veggie friendly places I've visited outside of the UK. Yay!

See a selection of pix from my trip below - and if you have any questions write them in the comments and I'll try to help!

Sadie x

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Posted on November 12, 2017 and filed under travel, style.

XO Acapulco - how the newest Shh cuff is made!

Hey guys and gals, it's Sadie!

I've been working on a new bracelet, XO Acapulco. In fact it's THE biggest bracelet I've made to date and is inspired by the popular Acapulco necklace.

I thought I'd share with you a little about the design process!

 - It starts with the inspiration (above) - well that came from my love of colour, print and pattern. I LOVE the Acapulco necklace so much, it's my personal favourite piece. I also enjoy wearing the big, wide Bananas bracelets, and so started thinking about a big cuff bracelet that would coordinate with the Acapulco necklace.

- Then I begin designing the pattern on my laptop. I often share this process on the Shh Instagram stories - so you may have seen this! When I'm happy with the design, I make the prototype.

- For the wide bracelets I have a different bead loom. Even stringing the loom for a piece as large as this takes ages! I have to be careful that the threads don't ping off as then I have to start all over again....argh!

- Then it's a matter of following my design and beading, beading, beading. This bracelet took approx 4-5 hours of beading (with the odd tea break of course!).

- It's then ready to be finished with 24 carat gold plated shiny bits, photographed and listed online!

Hope you enjoyed this little trip behind the scenes! 
Big love,
Sadie xx

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Posted on October 26, 2017 and filed under collections, style, custom orders, behind the scenes.

As worn by:'s Megan Robinson

Kiwi fashion editor Megan Robinson recently wore her gold Rocked Up crystal quartz necklace and Chunky Chain bracelet with pastel perfection. We love!

Check out her fashion website here!
Check out Megan's other Shh styling here!

Megan Robinson wearing Shh by Sadie crystal necklace

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Posted on October 9, 2017 and filed under as worn by, press, style.