Buying my first Chanel handbag - an candid tale!


Hi peeps, here’s a not-so-little story about buying my first Chanel bag five years ago this week!

I’d dreamed of, and actually attempted, buying a Chanel bag for several years before I actually bought it. I love the style of the bags, the classic, timeless shape, the fact they don’t lose their value, and the fact that in my opinion, they make every outfit look better :D Anyway, as much as I dreamt of buying one, I had never spent that kind of money on anything before, and the thought of it made me feel sick!

After lots of consideration, I came up with a plan. Being naive at the time, I had read online that the bag I wanted cost £1000 (sooo much money for a bag!!), and I decided to save my “extra earnings” until I had enough for The Bag. Define extra earnings? Well I was living in New Zealand and working full-time at Massey University, and in my spare time making and selling Shh by Sadie jewels. It didn't take long before I had saved my £1000 for my “baby” which is how I referred to The Bag, and probably still do! :D

Attempt one to purchase The Bag

So, I had enough “extra earnings” for my bag! While back in the UK on a visit home, I took the bus from Wales to London to stay with my sister and buy THE Bag. Alllll the way to London I honestly felt sick about spending so much money on a bag. I kept thinking I could buy a lesser-expensive designer bag and have TWO! Or other things I could spend the money on - none of which I needed or wanted as much as THE Bag. My sister kindly rang around the Chanel boutiques in London to ask whether they had the bag in stock, doing so in a faux-posh-granny voice that had me in STITCHES on the bed beside her. “Do you know what, I’ve found myself in London with some spare time, and thought I’d pop along to your store and have a little rummage”. The store in Harrods said they had one in stock, but to hurry as they couldn’t guarantee it would be there much longer (they apparently sell like very expensive hot cakes!).

And so sister and I dash across to London to the Chanel boutique in Harrods. We wait patiently to be seen, and am in luck - the bag is still there! Jumbo, double flap, black caviar leather with gold hardware. Yes. I touch it and (still feeling sick) ask the price - £1800! Oh! I hadn’t anticipated that!! Stupid Sadie not doing proper research (at that time Chanel did not list prices on its website and so I’d read prices from bag forums, humpf.)

I literally nearly collapse and hand the bag back to the assistant. She shows me some of the seasonal bags, which are far closer to my budget, and which my sister and I do really like, but nope, I liked the classic Chanel because it is, well classic, and I can wear it forever :D

So I leave Harrods feeling sick but also slightly relieved, because I’d been so hesitant to part with my £1000 for “just a bag” anyway.

Attempt two to purchase The Bag

Fast forward six months or so, and I am still thinking about The Bag. I’ve saved more of my extra earnings, and have decided that maybe I will just get it because it is something I have dreamt of for so long. Even if I did buy a lesser-expensive (I couldn’t bring myself to write ‘cheaper’ because nothing about paying £1000+ for a bag to me is cheap!) Chanel bag, or another designer bag, I would still want The Bag. And truthfully, I worked very hard to earn my extra earnings and The Bag is like a symbol of all of that effort, and a reward to myself. I don’t smoke, buy magazines, don’t have my hair done often, eyelashes, facials, spray tans, false nails - things that people regularly spend money on, and so all of this was my argument to myself anyway :D

My then boyfriend, now husband, Chris and I visit Hong Kong 12 months after the first attempt (there was no Chanel stockist in NZ when we lived there - I’m not sure if there is now - and so I couldn't buy The Bag there). I’ll perhaps tell you about my trip to Kong Kong another time, but to sum it up, I couldn’t manage with the humidity and ended up wearing the loosest, baggiest clothes I had with me - my hair was scraped into a bun on my head, and there was no point in wearing makeup because it sweated off as soon as I left the air conditioned hotel. I had a sweat moustache for the whole three days. Just not a climate I managed well in!! Anyway, we are at the airport, me dressed like I don’t know what, (and there’s no way I want to try and find a photo of (if one exists!)), and I pluck up my courage to enter the Chanel store. I ask the assistant for the bag - get pointedly looked up and down, and told “no” they do not have The Bag.

To be fair, I looked such a mess I couldn’t blame them for looking me up and down, but it was still extremely rude, and I left bag-less.

Attempt number three

This is just a quick one! We visited Sydney, entered the store and checked out the price. It was £1000 MORE than buying the exact same bag in the UK. So we left.

Attempt number four

I’ll keep this one quick, too. Chris was in London for business, I managed to persuade him to ring the stores and ask if The Bag was in stock. Yes it was! On his way to the airport from London he managed to get his taxi driver to pull over on Oxford Street (or some busy main London street) while he left his suitcase in the taxi and ran into Chanel to ‘quickly’ buy The Bag. The Bag was there, he got it packed up, all ready to go - and his New Zealand bank card wouldn’t go through with the transaction (maybe it felt sick, too, haha). He said they tried it multiple times, and in the end he had to go because the taxi was waiting and he needed to get to the airport. I cried when he rang me and told me.

Finally buying The Bag

And so now it is December 2013. I am in New York with Chris on a holiday there half-way home from New Zealand to Wales for Christmas. The price of The Bag is now £2750 because the longer you leave it, the more the flipping price goes up - if only I’d bought it in London that first time!!

I’ve made the decision, and we go to the Chanel boutique on a wonderfully snowy day. We go in, and YES they have The Bag in stock! The sales assistant offers us a glass of champagne. I’m so nervous and sick about spending this money on this flipping bag that I decline, almost wanting to get the whole thing over as quickly as possible. I pay for The Bag on two bank cards - one NZ and one UK - because I don’t want Chris’ London bank card fiasco to happen to me!! And the cards work. The Bag is mine. We are going for a whole day walking in the snow in Central Park and so I ask if I can collect The Bag later. The assistant says of course.


Later I collect The Bag and it has its own little waterproof cover for its paper bag underneath. It is wrapped beautifully. I take it back to the hotel and open it. It is my new best friend (not joking, haha), and my dad suggests I call it Yorkie because I finally bought it in New York. (No fancy photos of ‘the opening’ of the bag, just ones snapped on my iPhone to send to my parents in Wales!)

I don’t use The Bag for another two days because I am frightened someone will steal it off me (LOL). The first outing it has is to an AMAZING Greek restaurant in NYC.

I’ve now had Yorkie for five years, and it is still my prized possession. It never sits on the floor, it stays neatly in its dust cover when it is not being used. It is what I grab when the fire alarm goes off and we have to stand outside our apartment in our PJs at 2am in the morning.

I don’t save Yorkie for special occasions, because I didn’t pay £2750 for a bag to sit in my wardrobe 90% of the year, though I obviously don’t use it every day.

So after that very long-winded tale, do I think Chanel bags are worth the price? Of course not. But I am glad I finally bought The Bag and love it too much to feel guilty about it :-)

Sadie xx

Just a note - I know Chanel bags, designer bags - things like these are not everyone’s cup of tea. This is my opinion and an honest account of how and why I bought my bag.

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Illuminate light festival in Plymouth - check out our Glowing Bead workshops!

Last weekend I was thrilled to be a part of Plymouth’s illuminate light festival.

Illuminate was a fantastic visual feast for the senses and showcased projections and light art installations from local, national and international artists. It was held in the stunning Royal William Yard, with light installations dotted throughout the buildings, archways and the Secret Garden, where the Glowing Bead workshops were held!

If you’ve known Shh for a while, you may remember that I ran similar bead workshops for New Zealand’s LUX light festival in Wellington (you can see pix here and here). Children make their own glow in the dark beaded necklace, bracelet or headband using a variety of neon strings, glowing and non-glowing beads. The sessions are always so much fun to run, so I was excited to be part of illuminate and run them again in Devon!

illuminate light festival glowing beads shh by sadie plymouth

The workshops ran every evening throughout the festival, in rain or, erm, non-rain, and I was amazed by the creativity and enthusiasm of each and every child (and adult!). Every person eagerly wore their beaded creation as they left the workshop, with a few little ones telling me they were going to “keep it on forever”. Awwww!

As usual, I was so busy running the workshops that I forgot to take any actual pictures of the beads! Whoops. THANK YOU to everyone who visited us this year at illuminate, and HUGE THANKS to the wonderful illuminate volunteers who helped you all make your glowing jewels!

Check out some of the fantastic illuminate light works here.

See the latest Shh by Sadie workshops and classes here.

Sadie xx

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Fun handmade wedding favours - customised bag charms!

handmade wedding favour pink heart Charm.jpg

When planning my wedding last year I wanted a fun, cute little wedding favour for our female guests. I had been looking for something unusual and something that the guests could take with them as a reminder of the day. The favour also needed to be lightweight and easy to transport as we were getting married in France. Not much to ask!! ;-)

After looking for several weeks online and not finding anything I liked, or that was within a reasonable budget, I decided to make something myself!

And that’s when I came up with the idea of the Shh Charmed Heart bag charms - I designed them for my wedding guests! I had a lot of fun creating all kinds of colour combinations - bright contrasting colours, pastels - metallics. It was exciting!

I also designed a little gift tag that accompanied each charm and placed them in a brightly coloured organza bag. You can see the process and the finished product below.

And you can see more bespoke bridal Shh by Sadie jewellery here, including the Charmed Heart charms.

If you’d like to order the Charmed Heart charms as wedding favours (or for another special occasion) they’re available in gold or silver hardware and beaded in your selection of colours. Pick a rainbow of colours, or choose simple white and gold - it’s your choice! Prices start at £10.

Sadie x

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Simple elegant wedding hair styles for long hair

Here are some of our fave gorgeous, relaxed wedding day hair styles for long hair - we love the simple elegance of a hair comb, and the laid back glamour of a bohemian tousled plait.

What would you choose - a crystal hair comb or a messy half up plait?

We love them all!

SbS xx

PS. If you’re looking for a little something special for your wedding day, check out our Shh by Sadie bespoke bridal and bridesmaid jewellery here.

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As worn by:'s Megan Robinson

Thread NZ Megan Shh by Sadie Crystal necklace

Kiwi fashion editor Megan Robinson recently wore her gold Rocked Up crystal quartz necklace and Chunky Chain bracelet to the premiere of Peter Pan Goes Wrong in Auckland . We love!

Check out her fashion website here!
Check out Megan's other Shh styling here!

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Customer review - Shh by Sadie Bananas bracelet

Here at Shh we LOOOVE a happy customer!! Big thanks to Clare who recently bought the turquoise Bananas bracelet and sent us this review….

“I was delighted to receive my order from Shh by Sadie; there was literally no mistaking it when it came through my door in BRIGHT PINK foil packaging with cute address label! Some lovely touches inside including a flamingo pouch to store my new bracelet.

I love the colour combo of my new Bananas bracelet and as my husband pointed out - coordinates perfectly with our lounge colour scheme  

Such beautiful hand made jewellery, I shall definitely be ordering more in the future. Thank you x”

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Bespoke bridal and bridesmaid jewellery - creamy pearls and Swarovski crystals

handmade wedding jewellery Oxford wedding

I always love working on personalised and bespoke orders and this bridal jewellery commission was beautiful!

Lucy wanted three sets of coordinating bridesmaid jewellery for one adult bridesmaid, one teen bridesmaid and one teeny tiny set for a much younger bridesmaid (unfortunately Obi the dog preferred a tux over a pearl necklace!!).

Lucy was planning a relaxed, elegant wedding in Oxford, with a traditional church ceremony and boat house reception (with punting!).

We discussed style and colour options, and she selected classic creamy pearls combined with Swarovski crystals with a rainbow aurora borealis lustre. She wanted three coordinating “plaited” pearl cuff-style bracelets, sterling silver pearl studs, and three mix and match single strand bracelets.

I used a combination of white, cream, peach and darker grey rainbow freshwater pearls, along with the Swarovski crystals, and I know I’m biased - but I think the bracelets turned out beautifully and complemented the navy bridesmaid dresses perfectly.

You can see more bespoke bridal Shh by Sadie jewellery here.

And if you’d like to chat about a custom made bridal or bridesmaid piece, click here. Prices begin at £15 for a single strand bracelet.

Sadie xx

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Handmade wedding jewellery - pearl and crystal bracelets for a French wedding!

handmade wedding jewellery UK

Well here is a sneak peek into my very own wedding day and the jewellery I made for myself, my bridesmaids, and the VIP mothers of the bride and groom!

If you know me you may be surprised that I decided to make very simple, classic, neutral coloured jewellery for myself and my bridesmaids. I am never one to shy away from a colourful statement piece! However, my wedding decor theme was very colourful - bright pinks, blues, oranges, and so I wanted to tone down my jewellery because I didn’t want to look OTT and would have to live with any colour-clashing decisions for the rest of my life :D

Chris and I booked a 14th Century French chateau for our summer wedding and wanted a laid-back, elegant, wedding theme with splashes of colour. My bridesmaids were wearing bright jewel-toned blue dresses, and the flower girls were wearing pink floral dresses, and all would wear pink flowers in their hair and carry colourful bouquets.

And so onto the jewellery…

For my own wedding day jewellery - I had intended to make my own chunky baroque pearl earrings, but then actually found my dream pair of rose quartz and pearl drop earrings online, so I bought them instead!

I would be wearing a large crystal hair comb and my antique turquoise and diamond ring, and so decided to make myself three pearl and crystal bracelets to wear with them on the big day.

(Non jewellery-related, but In case you love shoes as much as I do - I chose Betsey Johnson Blue Stela glitter bridal shoes in soft pink.) Click here to see more of the shoes I had on my wedding shoe shortlist!

For the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, I made them both simple creamy freshwater pearl and glass crystal bracelets as part of their wedding day gifts.

For my Maid of Honour and bridesmaids - they each had two pearl and crystal 24 carat gold plated cuff bracelets, matching my own.

For the flower girls - both little Ivy and Bella wore matching pink and white peanut pearl bracelets - so cute and playful!

I didn’t get many photos of the jewellery on the actual day - oops! But you can get the idea from the below photos :-)

Are you planning for your wedding?

Sadie x

And here are some more wedding blog posts -

The wedding shoes I drooled over.
My handmade wedding favours - cute little colourful bag charms.
More Shh by Sadie wedding jewellery.

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Custom pearl bridesmaid bracelets and handmade Mother of the Bride pearl jewellery

Bespoke bridal jewellery pearl bracelets Devon

Here’s another recent bespoke bridal jewellery commission I worked on for the lovely Rebecca.

Rebecca wanted a set of freshwater pearl bracelets for her three bridesmaids and a matching one for herself, the beautiful bride! She also wanted a gift for the Mother of the Bride, a similarly-styled bracelet and necklace set for her mother.

Her wedding colour scheme was pastel yellow and pastel moss green to suit the English countryside themed wedding day, while the Mother of the Bride would be wearing a jewel-toned blue dress.

For her bridal and bridesmaid bracelets we selected a combination of freshwater and vintage pearls to complement the vintage style of her wedding theme. For her mother’s jewellery we again chose freshwater pearls, though we used chunkier baroque pearls. We added navy pearls with a rainbow lustre and a touch of Swarovski crystal sparkle to add glamour - you can never go wrong with a touch of Swarovski! :-)

It was lovely working with a bride who wanted to include colour in her bridal jewellery - I’m thrilled with how they turned out.

You can see more bespoke bridal Shh by Sadie jewellery here.

And if you’d like to chat about a custom made bridal or bridesmaid piece, click here. Prices begin at £15 for a single strand bracelet.

Sadie x

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Top ten designer and high street headbands for autumn and winter

Headbands and turban hairbands not only super trendy at the moment, they are also the perfect saviours for less-than perfect hair days and can dress up an otherwise plain outfit.

I bought this pink toucan embroidered headband from Anthropologie earlier this year and have worn it with so many varied outfits - I love it!

With winter on our doorstep here’s my pick of ten of the best designer and high street headbands to take you through autumn and the festive season 2018.

I’ve picked a selection of turbans, turban headbands, pearl hairbands and leopard print hairbands from Anthropologie, ASOS and Shopbop - there is a headband to suit any budget!

Sadie xx

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Christmas events in Plymouth - Christmas Crafternoon Fundraising for Mind - Sunday 2nd December 2018

Plymouth Christmas events ocean studios

I’m THRILLED to be co-hosting a charity Christmas crafter noon fundraising event with Lizzie from Make at 140 this December!

We are working on some exciting simple Christmas crafts you can make on the day, including these cute button snowman and Christmas tree decorations! Eek!

And so - come and get your Christmas craft on with Lizzie and I in aid of the charity Mind.

Sunday 2nd December, at the Makers Table, Ocean Studios, Royal William Yard, Plymouth

Join us for an afternoon of simple Christmas crafts. No experience necessary – just plenty of Christmas spirit! Suitable for adults and children.

As well as fundraising for Mind, you’ll also have fun making Christmas crafts you can take home with you.

A donation of £5 per person would be greatly appreciated, with all profits donated to Mind.

Find out more about the Mind Christmas Crafternoon initiative here.

Limited places available, to book please email

Hope to see you there!

Sadie xx

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Anthropolgie sale 2018 - top picks!

Everyday Abby Anthropologie embroidered kimono

Since I started my self-imposed shopping ban (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know why!) I now very rarely look at online shops.

However yesterday I was stopped in my Instagram-scrolling tracks by this image from @everyday_abby - she had just bought this Anthro embroidered Dala jacket on sale and OMG I was in LOVE!

I went directly to the website and contemplated buying it for a good ten minutes or so. In the end I managed to restrain myself, although I am still very much in love with it!

In the meantime, I nosed through the rest of the Anthro sale, and here are my top picks!

So now you know my latest fashion crush, what’s yours?

Sadie xx

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The beginnings of a small jewellery business part one... kitchen tables and Mighty Mighty Markets

 Here I am at my very first market at Mighty Mighty Markets on Cuba Street, Wellington in 2011

Here I am at my very first market at Mighty Mighty Markets on Cuba Street, Wellington in 2011

Hi everyone!

This week has been a time of reflection for me. Today marks six years to the date that I released my first ever ‘official’ collection, Sueños del Sol. And on Friday I had the pleasure of talking to a whole lecture theatre (eek!) of final year marketing students at Plymouth University about Shh by Sadie and the journey that has brought me and my million beads to where it stands today.

In preparation for my talk I sat down and spent an afternoon trawling through my old Shh photo archives and, oh my goodness, it was amazing remembering some of the jewels I’ve made, markets I’ve attended, people I’ve worked with and all of the ups and downs along the way.

When I began teaching myself to make jewellery in 2011 I never dreamed that anything would come of it, let alone that anyone would buy it - it was simply a new exploration, a new hobby, and I enjoyed wearing the earrings and bracelets I’d made for myself.

Shh by Sadie handmade statement jewellery

Working full time in my ‘day job’, I soon started attending markets on Saturdays with my borrowed table cloth and vintage teacups and saucers to display my jewels on (the teacups often had more interest than the jewellery!). I just wanted to sell jewellery so that I could go home and make more. (Well, that hasn’t changed!)

I was also selling online via Etsy, and I still don’t know how I managed to actually sell anything with the terrible photos I took! I remember taking my first product shots late one Saturday night, on a badly lit kitchen table, balanced on teapots and teacups (the jewellery, not me), because I was so eager to get my Shh by Sadie Etsy shop up and open. Yet people did buy the jewellery (which was at that time mostly brooches made of felt and fabric, button and flower earrings, and simple bead earrings and necklaces), and often came back for more!

 I ALWAYS appreciated it when my lovely friends visited me at markets and came and had a giggle with me :-)

I ALWAYS appreciated it when my lovely friends visited me at markets and came and had a giggle with me :-)

Shh by Sadie at Matchbox Studios, Wellington

From there I went on to be stocked in my first few real shops - Rex Royale and Emma on Cuba Street, along with The White Room Gallery in Island Bay. Markets continued, stockists grew, and I was even featured in a few blogs, publications and the Mighty Mighty Market poster plastered across Wellington that I had to close my eyes every time I walked past because it was so hideous… :D

I’ve posted some photos of the early Shh days here - hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did. You’ll see that there was always a love of pink! And a lot of skulls back then too!

If you remember any of these Shh jewels or markets, I’d love to hear from you or see your photos.

I’ll post the next phase of the Shh journey next week.

Sadie x


And if you made it this far - here’s that Mighty Mighty Market poster!!

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Mums Handmade HeartMade Knitted Denim Coat - winter crush!I


I’m sure you’ve all seen the Mums Handmade chunky knitted cardigans that swarmed over Instagram this year and every effortlessly chic blogger was photographed wearing?!

Well I am now absolutely in LOVE with their latest creation, the Mums Handmade HeartMade knitted denim jacket.

I always LOVE denim - denim shirts, denim jackets, and of course denim jeans (duh). I’m a fan of wearing denim with a great pair of heels, a cool handbag and a colourful cuff or necklace, and so this jacket would slide itself perfectly into my wardrobe.

I’d wear it with a simple black top, skinny jeans and high heels, and it would keep me super cosy all through the upcoming winter….ahh.

Available at

What’s your latest fashion crush?

Sadie x

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Jasmine Hemsley's Golden Milk Recipe - Attempting to cook new things!

Jasmine Hemsley Golden Milk recipe Port Eliot Festival

You may remember in July I went to the Port Eliot Festival, and while I was there I had the absolute pleasure of attending Jasmine Hemsley’s cookery demonstration.

A lot of the Ayurvedic principles and advice Jasmine talked about during her demonstration buried themselves into my mind, and I have since been attempting to integrate some of these dietary changes and recommendations into my life!

I sampled Jasmine’s Golden Milk at the time and it was deliciously warming, soothing and comforting. The day after the festival I had my first attempt at making it myself. To be honest, mine definitely tasted like gritty curried milk, and so I’ve since invested in a new sieve (he he) and believe that practice should eventually make perfect!

You can find Jasmine’s Golden Milk recipe here. If I can make it, you certainly can! :-)

Sadie xx

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WIN all these goodies with our WANDERLUST giveaway!

Shh by Sadie Cai swimwear beach babe vacation wear

We are super excited to have teamed up with some of the HOTTEST designers for this exclusive Wanderlust themed giveaway!

The lucky entrant will win all of the vacay favourites pictured below including the Shh turquoise Rio bracelet, Cai Swimwear bikini, sunnies and Bali body luxe bronzing lotion, Instyl Boutique outfit and Bits and Pieces to go endless summer floppy hat!

To enter visit the Shh by Sadie Instagram page. Competition ends Sunday 23rd September. 

And check out Cai Swimwear, Instyl Boutique and Bits and Pieces to go for your sunshine essentials!

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Bicester Village Shopping Visit Review

I recently visited Bicester Village for the first time. I’d heard so much about it, it seemed everywhere I looked people were mentioning Bicester Village as THE place to shop and so I was very excited to get there myself.

Bicester Shopping Village

From Plymouth it’s a fair old drive - 4.5 hours each way with slight traffic delays. I was attending a wedding in Oxford in September and so it was the perfect opportunity to visit Bicester.

And I left empty handed!

For those of you who know me, that must be quite a surprise as I love shopping, and I love THINGS! All things! Everything! But I left Bicester that day empty handed for the following reasons:

  1. Bicester Village is a designer outlet, but these are still designer prices, so as I’m unfortunately not made of money, I carefully considered anything that caught my eye. And managed to peel myself away from them!

  2. I do love an occasional splurge item (I count my Chanel handbags amongst my prized possessions), but I try not to buy things for the sake of it, or because it is a good deal (I have done this SO many times in the past and am really working to refrain myself in these instances!).

  3. There were no Chanel or Tiffany shops there (these would have been my weak spots). Haha.

  4. If you follow my Instagram you’d know I’ve been trying to sort through my storage container FULL of clothes, shoes, bags, any other things that my awful magpie-hoarder-self has collected for the last 12 years. As a result of my hoarding-detox I’ve been really trying to use the things I already have and not buy more!

  5. In short, I’ve made a resolution with myself to be less wasteful and only invest in pieces that I genuinely love and/or need.

Pics below from my Instagram stories on the day

My favourite shops there were Furla (I was very tempted by a bag but refrained myself), Coccinelle (the softest most gorgeous handbags), Fendi, Kate Spade (which had VERY good discounts!), Molten Brown and the cosmetics outlet. I was also toying with the idea of buying the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc travel set, but again, I didn’t NEED it. (WELL DONE SADIE! haha)

margarita cocktail Bicester village

The village was really busy, but parking wasn’t too difficult and we managed to grab a seat for lunch as soon as we got there too (I also had a margarita!). My tip would be to skip the restaurant and opt for one of the many little eatery stalls instead - they’re much quicker and cheaper, so more time and money for shopping!

Bicester Village is definitely worth a visit, and had I seen something that I really absolutely loved or needed, I’d have bought it. On this occasion, that wasn’t so. I left the village feeling a mix of disappointment at not buying anything from the place i’d wanted to visit for so long, and pride in the fact I’d not bought anything just for the sake of it.

Have you been to Bicester or any other shopping outlets? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below :-)

Sadie x

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Brighton Pier photoshoot collab with Colourbloc Photography

Shh by sadie Brighton pier funfair colourbloc photography

On my recent trip to Brighton I was thrilled to meet with Clare from Colourbloc Photography for a little impromptu photoshoot on Brighton Pier.

Clare is a talented commercial photographer who loves bright colour as much as I do, and so we had a lot of fun dashing around the funfair looking for inspiration!

My favourite ride was the carousel, and I did get a couple of odd glances whilst clambering up onto the ponies, bracelets raised high (all in the name of photography!).

Clare was so friendly we spent as much time chatting as we did frolicking around fairground rides. She's an experienced photographer who has an eye for colour, composition and carousel pony shots ;-)

You can check out our photos below, and see more of Clare's photography on her Colourbloc website and Instagram.

I enjoyed it so much that I want to do it all again!

Sadie xx

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Yuzefi Pink Asher Leather Box Bag - gimme all the bags!

Luxe British designer brand Yuzefi is highly sought after for its meticulously handcrafted leather work and simple elegant style.

A personal favourite of mine is the pink Asher leather box bag - available at Browns. With a choice of two straps the bag is as versatile as it is beautiful. 

The pastel pink would look gorgeous with washed out blue denim and a simple white tee. Definitely on my wish list!

Sadie x

PS. Read more about my bag favourites here!

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Coping with the British summer heatwave!

Hey there peeps!

Well this summer has been a scorcher so far, and to be honest I've struggled with the temperature and have ended up wearing the same three strappy dresses on repeat a lot of the time! (This dress is two of them - I have it in plain black and navy polkadot. You can dress it up or down so many ways, with heels or flip flops, with or without a belt...)

My feet are also cut to bits from different sandals rubbing me in the heat, so I've had to wear my flip flops a lot. I'm still not complaining about the weather, though, it's just taken some adjustments for me to get used to it!

So to mix things up and add a bit of personality to the same-old strappy dresses, I've been wearing a lot of colourful bracelets and handbags - as you can see here! They also make me happy just looking at them - I love colourful accessories :-D

What are your summer essentials?
Let me know how you've been surviving this heat by leaving a comment below  :-)

Keep cool and colourful!

Sadie x

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Posted on August 8, 2018 and filed under style.