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Colourful statement hair clips - Soiree by Shh by Sadie!

Who else is LOVING a statement hair clip right now? I am!!

I was in search for a cute, colourful clip for my hair, and just could NOT find any that I liked. And so in the end, late one Tuesday night I found the clips bases I had used for making my bridesmaid hair flowers (you can spy them here if you like). I measured them up, sketched a few designs, and experimented.

And these are the results! I had such enthusiastic feedback when I shared them on Instagram and Facebook that I designed more and have added them to the shop. The clips come in sets of two and are available exclusively at

So for fun, colourful statement hair clips - take a look at these hand beaded beauties.

Which is your fave? The ombre rainbow hair clip, pastel hair clip or the bright orange and pink zig zag?

Sadie xx

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New Rainbow Heart beaded bracelets - how they were made!

This week I released the new set of four Rainbow Heart bracelets. And if you follow me on Instagram you may well have helped me with this design! It had been quite tricky getting the colours right for this new pattern, and involved several hours of weaving, then unpicking, and weaving again in new colours.

I had wanted to create a new bracelet that was fun and playful, with of course plenty of colour!

I originally wanted the hearts to be made up of clashing, strong colours, and drew the pattern out, tested beads on paper - but when I wove it on the loom, I hated it! The colours just didn’t work in the flesh :(

So I shared a photo on Instagram stories and asked for your advice. I wasn’t even sure whether I even still liked the hearts pattern anymore. So I tried a few more colour ways, each time fussing with beads on my table, laying them next to each other, then weaving the pattern and still not being happy with it.

I almost gave up on the idea several times - wondering if they were too childish, or whether anyone would even like them.

THEN I thought - maybe let’s try a rainbow / ombre colour way! And I was finally happy. I’d tried to veer away from pinks, but after several attempts with other colours, the pinks came back and persuaded me they looked best :D

So here’s the final bracelets - playful, fun and pink.

Hope you like them!


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Devon Life Magazine - Shh by Sadie collaboration with Sarah Brittain Edwards and YOKE

Check out the latest Devon Life magazine for a peek at an exciting collaboration between Devon locals jewellery designer Shh by Sadie, photographer Sarah Brittain Edwards, hair stylist YOKE, make up artist Rebecca Searle and models Lucy Daw and Sophie Gee.

We rendezvoused at Royal William Yard and chose Devil’s Point for the shoot. Jo from YOKE and Rebecca got busy with hair and make up while Sarah and I discussed styling options. Sarah scouted the locations and then the models braved the wind! It was a wonderful whirlwind of a day, and you can see more photos below.

Sadie xx

Find out more about the talented team here:

Sarah Brittain Edwards
Rebecca Searle Makeup Artist

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Customer review - Shh by Sadie Bananas bracelet

Here at Shh we LOOOVE a happy customer!! Big thanks to Clare who recently bought the turquoise Bananas bracelet and sent us this review….

“I was delighted to receive my order from Shh by Sadie; there was literally no mistaking it when it came through my door in BRIGHT PINK foil packaging with cute address label! Some lovely touches inside including a flamingo pouch to store my new bracelet.

I love the colour combo of my new Bananas bracelet and as my husband pointed out - coordinates perfectly with our lounge colour scheme  

Such beautiful hand made jewellery, I shall definitely be ordering more in the future. Thank you x”

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The beginnings of a small jewellery business part one... kitchen tables and Mighty Mighty Markets
Here I am at my very first market at Mighty Mighty Markets on Cuba Street, Wellington in 2011

Here I am at my very first market at Mighty Mighty Markets on Cuba Street, Wellington in 2011

Hi everyone!

This week has been a time of reflection for me. Today marks six years to the date that I released my first ever ‘official’ collection, Sueños del Sol. And on Friday I had the pleasure of talking to a whole lecture theatre (eek!) of final year marketing students at Plymouth University about Shh by Sadie and the journey that has brought me and my million beads to where it stands today.

In preparation for my talk I sat down and spent an afternoon trawling through my old Shh photo archives and, oh my goodness, it was amazing remembering some of the jewels I’ve made, markets I’ve attended, people I’ve worked with and all of the ups and downs along the way.

When I began teaching myself to make jewellery in 2011 I never dreamed that anything would come of it, let alone that anyone would buy it - it was simply a new exploration, a new hobby, and I enjoyed wearing the earrings and bracelets I’d made for myself.

Shh by Sadie handmade statement jewellery

Working full time in my ‘day job’, I soon started attending markets on Saturdays with my borrowed table cloth and vintage teacups and saucers to display my jewels on (the teacups often had more interest than the jewellery!). I just wanted to sell jewellery so that I could go home and make more. (Well, that hasn’t changed!)

I was also selling online via Etsy, and I still don’t know how I managed to actually sell anything with the terrible photos I took! I remember taking my first product shots late one Saturday night, on a badly lit kitchen table, balanced on teapots and teacups (the jewellery, not me), because I was so eager to get my Shh by Sadie Etsy shop up and open. Yet people did buy the jewellery (which was at that time mostly brooches made of felt and fabric, button and flower earrings, and simple bead earrings and necklaces), and often came back for more!

I ALWAYS appreciated it when my lovely friends visited me at markets and came and had a giggle with me :-)

I ALWAYS appreciated it when my lovely friends visited me at markets and came and had a giggle with me :-)

Shh by Sadie at Matchbox Studios, Wellington

From there I went on to be stocked in my first few real shops - Rex Royale and Emma on Cuba Street, along with The White Room Gallery in Island Bay. Markets continued, stockists grew, and I was even featured in a few blogs, publications and the Mighty Mighty Market poster plastered across Wellington that I had to close my eyes every time I walked past because it was so hideous… :D

I’ve posted some photos of the early Shh days here - hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did. You’ll see that there was always a love of pink! And a lot of skulls back then too!

If you remember any of these Shh jewels or markets, I’d love to hear from you or see your photos.

I’ll post the next phase of the Shh journey next week.

Sadie x


And if you made it this far - here’s that Mighty Mighty Market poster!!

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