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Custom order: Ombre Rainbow Hearts necklace + coordinating dark silver bracelet
Custom rainbow heart necklace handmade in devon

You know by now how much I enjoy working on custom orders for you! Here’s a recent custom necklace and bracelet I made for one of the longest-running Shh customers, Moira. She really must have as many Shh pieces as I do!!

She loved the new Ombre Hearts bracelet and requested it to be made into a Priestess-style necklace. She also ordered a coordinating bracelet in a slightly different pattern - and here are the results!

I love them - do you?

Sadie xx

Check out other custom orders here. If I have the beads in stock, I will create your custom-coloured woven pieces at no extra cost :-)

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Custom order: short Chevron D'or necklace
custom made necklace plymouth devon

I recently created this custom order necklace for a regular Shh customer. She wanted the Chevron D’or necklace in the style of the shorter Priestess necklace. And so we shortened the chevron pattern and voila, here’s the beautiful finished product!

I think it will look gorgeous in the spring and summer weather, with a strappy top, the beads glimmering in the sunshine. Yay!

See below for photos of the custom short length necklace, and the original Chevron D’or.

Sadie x

PS. If you have a piece of jewellery that you'd like to design, redesign, or fix, you can get in touch here.

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Fun handmade wedding favours - customised bag charms!
handmade wedding favour pink heart Charm.jpg

When planning my wedding last year I wanted a fun, cute little wedding favour for our female guests. I had been looking for something unusual and something that the guests could take with them as a reminder of the day. The favour also needed to be lightweight and easy to transport as we were getting married in France. Not much to ask!! ;-)

After looking for several weeks online and not finding anything I liked, or that was within a reasonable budget, I decided to make something myself!

And that’s when I came up with the idea of the Shh Charmed Heart bag charms - I designed them for my wedding guests! I had a lot of fun creating all kinds of colour combinations - bright contrasting colours, pastels - metallics. It was exciting!

I also designed a little gift tag that accompanied each charm and placed them in a brightly coloured organza bag. You can see the process and the finished product below.

And you can see more bespoke bridal Shh by Sadie jewellery here, including the Charmed Heart charms.

If you’d like to order the Charmed Heart charms as wedding favours (or for another special occasion) they’re available in gold or silver hardware and beaded in your selection of colours. Pick a rainbow of colours, or choose simple white and gold - it’s your choice! Prices start at £10.

Sadie x

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Bespoke bridal and bridesmaid jewellery - creamy pearls and Swarovski crystals
handmade wedding jewellery Oxford wedding

I always love working on personalised and bespoke orders and this bridal jewellery commission was beautiful!

Lucy wanted three sets of coordinating bridesmaid jewellery for one adult bridesmaid, one teen bridesmaid and one teeny tiny set for a much younger bridesmaid (unfortunately Obi the dog preferred a tux over a pearl necklace!!).

Lucy was planning a relaxed, elegant wedding in Oxford, with a traditional church ceremony and boat house reception (with punting!).

We discussed style and colour options, and she selected classic creamy pearls combined with Swarovski crystals with a rainbow aurora borealis lustre. She wanted three coordinating “plaited” pearl cuff-style bracelets, sterling silver pearl studs, and three mix and match single strand bracelets.

I used a combination of white, cream, peach and darker grey rainbow freshwater pearls, along with the Swarovski crystals, and I know I’m biased - but I think the bracelets turned out beautifully and complemented the navy bridesmaid dresses perfectly.

You can see more bespoke bridal Shh by Sadie jewellery here.

And if you’d like to chat about a custom made bridal or bridesmaid piece, click here. Prices begin at £15 for a single strand bracelet.

Sadie xx

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Handmade wedding jewellery - pearl and crystal bracelets for a French wedding!
handmade wedding jewellery UK

Well here is a sneak peek into my very own wedding day and the jewellery I made for myself, my bridesmaids, and the VIP mothers of the bride and groom!

If you know me you may be surprised that I decided to make very simple, classic, neutral coloured jewellery for myself and my bridesmaids. I am never one to shy away from a colourful statement piece! However, my wedding decor theme was very colourful - bright pinks, blues, oranges, and so I wanted to tone down my jewellery because I didn’t want to look OTT and would have to live with any colour-clashing decisions for the rest of my life :D

Chris and I booked a 14th Century French chateau for our summer wedding and wanted a laid-back, elegant, wedding theme with splashes of colour. My bridesmaids were wearing bright jewel-toned blue dresses, and the flower girls were wearing pink floral dresses, and all would wear pink flowers in their hair and carry colourful bouquets.

And so onto the jewellery…

For my own wedding day jewellery - I had intended to make my own chunky baroque pearl earrings, but then actually found my dream pair of rose quartz and pearl drop earrings online, so I bought them instead!

I would be wearing a large crystal hair comb and my antique turquoise and diamond ring, and so decided to make myself three pearl and crystal bracelets to wear with them on the big day.

(Non jewellery-related, but In case you love shoes as much as I do - I chose Betsey Johnson Blue Stela glitter bridal shoes in soft pink.) Click here to see more of the shoes I had on my wedding shoe shortlist!

For the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, I made them both simple creamy freshwater pearl and glass crystal bracelets as part of their wedding day gifts.

For my Maid of Honour and bridesmaids - they each had two pearl and crystal 24 carat gold plated cuff bracelets, matching my own.

For the flower girls - both little Ivy and Bella wore matching pink and white peanut pearl bracelets - so cute and playful!

I didn’t get many photos of the jewellery on the actual day - oops! But you can get the idea from the below photos :-)

Are you planning for your wedding?

Sadie x

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