Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2018 - what an amazing day!

Pic of all nine Best Handmade Product Finalists via

Pic of all nine Best Handmade Product Finalists via

SO yesterday was the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards day, and what a day it was! Finalists from all categories were invited to a day of events and networking at Dead Dolls House in Islington, London.

The day started at 9.30am with a cup of tea and mingling, and then the morning workshop was a macrame lesson by Peas and Needles. I didn't manage to finish my macrame plant holder but hope to this week - although I did find it hard to get my head around the knotting techniques :D

It was so lovely to meet my eight fellow Best Product category finalists, they are all so talented. The winner, Little Paisley Designs, was very well deserved.

In the afternoon I went on a colour walk led by In Colourful Company, listened to a thought provoking panel discussion on working smarter, not harder, and the wonderful Keith Brymer Jones gave an encouraging keynote speech.

It was a very long, (and hot!), day, and I arrived back in Plymouth at 10pm definitely ready for a cup of tea!

Massive thanks to the team at Mollie Makes for organising such an inspiring day jam packed full of wonderful fellow creatives. 

Sadie x


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