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Jasmine Hemsley's Golden Milk Recipe - Attempting to cook new things!
Jasmine Hemsley Golden Milk recipe Port Eliot Festival

You may remember in July I went to the Port Eliot Festival, and while I was there I had the absolute pleasure of attending Jasmine Hemsley’s cookery demonstration.

A lot of the Ayurvedic principles and advice Jasmine talked about during her demonstration buried themselves into my mind, and I have since been attempting to integrate some of these dietary changes and recommendations into my life!

I sampled Jasmine’s Golden Milk at the time and it was deliciously warming, soothing and comforting. The day after the festival I had my first attempt at making it myself. To be honest, mine definitely tasted like gritty curried milk, and so I’ve since invested in a new sieve (he he) and believe that practice should eventually make perfect!

You can find Jasmine’s Golden Milk recipe here. If I can make it, you certainly can! :-)

Sadie xx

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