Coping with the British summer heatwave!

Hey there peeps!

Well this summer has been a scorcher so far, and to be honest I've struggled with the temperature and have ended up wearing the same three strappy dresses on repeat a lot of the time! (This dress is two of them - I have it in plain black and navy polkadot. You can dress it up or down so many ways, with heels or flip flops, with or without a belt...)

My feet are also cut to bits from different sandals rubbing me in the heat, so I've had to wear my flip flops a lot. I'm still not complaining about the weather, though, it's just taken some adjustments for me to get used to it!

So to mix things up and add a bit of personality to the same-old strappy dresses, I've been wearing a lot of colourful bracelets and handbags - as you can see here! They also make me happy just looking at them - I love colourful accessories :-D

What are your summer essentials?
Let me know how you've been surviving this heat by leaving a comment below  :-)

Keep cool and colourful!

Sadie x

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