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Halloween spooky skull and bone jewellery - from the Shh archives!!

Here’s another trip down Shh memory lane for the creepiest time of the year - Halloween…

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I used to have a thing for skull jewellery - mostly bright, colourful skull jewellery! And in the theme of Halloween I had a little poke around in my old Shh by Sadie photos and pulled out a few pix of the skull necklaces, bracelets and goodness knows what else that I used to make….!!

Skull jewellery was quite popular at the time, in around 2010 - 2011, especially the colourful howlite stone skull beads, and I sold a lot of this kind of bracelet and necklace at markets and through stockists in New Zealand like Rex Royale, Emma and The White Room Gallery (these were some of my first ever stockists).

I also made beads from polymer clay and strung them into bones necklaces - they were super best sellers, too. At one point I couldn’t make enough clay bones - pink ones, blue ones, navy ones - glitter ones!!

These clay necklaces featured in editorial and advertising campaigns for New Zealand designer Emma, NZ magazine Thread, and fashion shows. I even remember being in Brisbane and people complimenting me on my bones necklaces and shyly saying “I made it”. Aww.

Another popular skull style was the “Skull N Rope” necklace. It was a combination of rope, which I wrapped with wire, and the colourful howlite skulls I loved so much.

Absolutely GORGEOUS style blogger Noha Nabil wore my pink and yellow Skull N Rope necklace and I nearly fainted.

One other memory of these good ol’ days was being in a bar in Wellington, The Southern Cross, and a staff member was wearing one of my Skull N Rope necklaces, but I was too shy to say “hey, I made that necklace” - and afterwards I wished I had!

Anyway, that’s today’s little trip down memory lane. What do you think of the skull and bone necklaces?

As you can see, I was still very much learning to take good photos in those days! ;-) But it was an exciting time for skulls and Shh by Sadie.

Sadie xx

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In the press: Pearl Charm earrings featured in Exeter Living Magazine

Super proud to see my Shh by Sadie Pearl Charm earrings featured in the latest edition of Exeter Living magazine.

As worn by Louise Thomson from Made in Chelsea, these earrings have been rather hot property this spring / summer! Probably because they look good with almost anything - from jeans to a party dress :D

You can buy them exclusively here.

And see more press here.

Sadie xx

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Colourful statement hair clips - Soiree by Shh by Sadie!

Who else is LOVING a statement hair clip right now? I am!!

I was in search for a cute, colourful clip for my hair, and just could NOT find any that I liked. And so in the end, late one Tuesday night I found the clips bases I had used for making my bridesmaid hair flowers (you can spy them here if you like). I measured them up, sketched a few designs, and experimented.

And these are the results! I had such enthusiastic feedback when I shared them on Instagram and Facebook that I designed more and have added them to the shop. The clips come in sets of two and are available exclusively at

So for fun, colourful statement hair clips - take a look at these hand beaded beauties.

Which is your fave? The ombre rainbow hair clip, pastel hair clip or the bright orange and pink zig zag?

Sadie xx

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